Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Rampage?

Santa Made You Cry

Look at the pictures below. Look familiar? Sure, it might not actually be you, but in some way don't these pictures represent the larger life-altering event we all had to endure? The day Santa made us cry.

Maybe it was the smell. Maybe it was the freaky beard. Or maybe it was just the plain and simple fact that the Santa you met on that fateful day did not meet the expectations of your once exuberant imagination. The point is not that it happened. The point is that now is your carpe diem moment to do something about it!

The simple truth is that deep down inside you are still a little scared of Santa. And the only way to overcome this deep rooted fear is to become Santa. To be Santa. To own Santa. To make Santa your bitch(if that is your thing). Whatever your reason, excuse, or rationalization, now is the time to act. Get out, get involved and get your Santa on!

1 comment:

Peter said...

The babies crying is one thing, but the look in the eyes of Santa is great.

Peter Fulmer