Friday, December 12, 2008

How We Roll

Here is how the Santa Rampage will work. We may have more people than can fit on the trolley at one time. They have agreed to double back and pick up any Santa's that couldn't fit on the first group without going on the whole loop. Please tip the driver!

- 6pm - Meet at McNellie's starting to eat, drink and be merry
- 7pm - Parade over to BOK Center - there is a hockey game that starts at 7:30 and we want to be outside (maybe inside) parading around.
- 8pm - Parade back to Dirty's/Arnie's
- 9pm - Trolley ride to Soundpony
- 10pm Trolley to 18th & Boston
- 11pm Trolley to Brookside/Jewel

Unless you have a designated driver we recommend you take a cab home at the end of the night. We do not know when the last trolley is so there is no guarantee you can get a ride back to McNellie's. Plan accordingly.

Check the schedule the day before for changes.

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